Rayan Sales

We are a respected boutique estate agent based in the heart of prestigious London, offering our network of investors a tailored bespoke approach to sourcing prestige properties to their exact requirements.

Our unique marketing approach blends traditional marketing methods together with cutting-edge technology. This ensures each property we bring to market impresses and has the widest reach of prospective buyers and investors.

Off Market

Much of our business involves private sales - without your property ever being marketed publicly, we find the right buyer for your property and manage the sale discreetly and confidentially.

Our renowned ability to select and reach out to suitable candidates from our network of private investors ensures the right buyer is chosen for your property whilst keeping the sale as discreet as possible.

We work with our vendors to learn exactly what they are wanting from their sale, and provide a tailored service accordingly.

London Property

We welcome prospective buyers to contact us to register their interest in our private collection. After our consultation and based on your exact requirements, we will be able to offer you a tailored shortlist of properties from our private collection.

We have built up an envious reputation for the way we connect our investors, buyers and sellers. Doing business the traditional way and swimming against the tide at other moments ensures we are always one step ahead, serving the interests of our vendors and investors alike. Our network involves local clients, as well as national and international interests. Our professional, swift service has seen our clients return to us time and time again, with our investors expanding the portfolios they hold with us.

Contact us today for a fully confidential market appraisal, or for a consultation on how we can help you invest in London.


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